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KopperChem and Gecamin have successfully held Hydroprocess & ICMSE 2017 in Chile

Release Time: 2017-07-27Source: This Station

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KopperChem and Gecamin have successfully held Hydroprocess & ICMSE 2017 in Chile

On June 21,2017, Chairman of KopperChem Zou Qian, vice general manager Xu Zhingang, sales product manager Zhou Fangli, project manager of technical center Ji Shangjun arrived in Chile to attend the joint conference of Hydroprocess 2017 and ICMSE 2017, which was organized by Gecamin and KopperChem.  The joint conference was held at  Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago, a five star hotel of Chile from June 21-23, lasted 3 days.

There were many participants to attend the conference. Many of them are experts, scholars and technicians engaged in hydrometallurgy. Some of them are from the giants in the field of hydrometallurgy, such as BHP, Codelco, Group Mexico, etc. In addition to local experts, technicians and enterprises in Chile, there are experts or technicians from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Russia, India, Bolivia and other countries.

The conference covers new ideas, new processes and new methods in the field of L-SX-EW for copper and other valuable metals, as well as many new materials and new equipment related to hydrometallurgy.

Chairman Zou Qian made a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference on the afternoon of June 21, he hopes that through the platform of the conference, we can exchange frankly and learn from each other and work together to promote global hydrometallurgy technology to a new level.

Due to the large number of participants, the conference set up two parallel sub venues, one focused on the results of basic research, the other focused on the experiences and techniques in practical applications. The enthusiasm of the participants was very high. The problems that exist and need to be solved in the process of production were put forward, and some ideas and methods to solve the problem were given. After the end of each report, the participants  enthusiastically asked questions, actively discussed the related topics in depth, learned from each other, the atmosphere was harmonious, the meeting was very successful, the participants broadened their horizons and learned a lot of new experience, technology and problem-solving methods. At the meeting, our company made four special academic reports, which attracted the attention of the participants. After the meeting, many experts and technicians wanted to further exchange with us.

By taking advantage of the meeting gap and the time after the meeting, we have also conducted intensive in-depth exchanges with our customers to help them solve the problems encountered during the operation. The customers are very satisfied with our Mextral series metal extractants. They think the quality is reliable, the performance is stable, the technical service is good. They hope to further strengthen cooperation with our company in the future.

Through this meeting, increased the awareness of our Mextral series products by the global copper smelting enterprises, deepened the understanding of our technical level by domestic and foreign counterparts, and greatly improved the impact of KopperChem  in the field of international hydrometallurgy.

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