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● Management, optimization and improvement of mineral pretreatment,leaching and solid-liquid separation.

● Selection of leaching process and equipment.

● Equipment selection and scheme design for purification of leaching solution.


Solvent Extraction

● Extractant selection, identification, degradation, rejuvenation and regeneration.

● Extraction process design and optimization.

● Layout design and optimization of solvent extraction system.。

● Design, selection, optimization and improvement of solvent extraction equipments.

● Disposal of the entrainment and crud.

●Solvent extraction process pilot service.

● Extractant replacement design. Study on extractant performance, make up, compatibility and sustainability.

● Process design for extraction and separation of copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, uranium, molybdenum, precious metals and rare earth metals.



● Electrolyte composition control and purification.

● Management, optimization and improvement of EW parameters and tank house operation.

● EW additive selection and adding method.

● Selection of electrowinning process and equipment

● Provide solutions for the electrowinning problems.

Such as measures to improve current efficiency and copper cathode quality, acid mist control and prevention measures, temperature and corrosion control, etc.


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